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This is a personal website. For now, this is under construction. Some english mistakes can be found, naturally, once my first language isn't english, but you can notice me of some errors.

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My name is Lana, I'm from Brazil, my main language is portuguese. I have a blog where I write in portuguese to communicate with brazilians fellows, called PorceLana, if anyone is interested.

Because I already have a site my own, i've been strugling to find a porpuse to this site on neocities. Finally, I decided to make a website to communicate with people in english and be this new version of myself. I feel like I can talk about new subjects and find new people here to talk with me.

It's been a year since I started codding for my blog, then I found out neocitie's website. At first, I planned to do a portuguese website here, once I notice a growing brazilian community here, but then I already had my blog with portuguese content, so what was I supposed to do here? So I gave up the idea.

In 2023, I learned about Bookbug (a book club in neocities), and wanted to participate, but the language barrier made me step back. Then I thought it was a good oportunitie to improve my english skills, so here I am! This is a huge challenge for myself, but I wanna see if I can do it.

The 0bserver's name stands for myself as someone who started on neocities just watching others and now are trying to get involved as well. I'm also obsessed with eyes.

The other things I'm interest in are: