English Diary

Here I'll put some findings, feelings and frustrations about english. I'm not that good with it, writing is one of my worst habilities, and I don't feel the language at all, so some expressions will sound out of place. I tend to choose the most formal words to communicate and I use the google translator a lot. If you notice some typo or so, please inform me or just let it be, thanks. Also, I don't know how to use slangs and abreviations... Just that. Bye.


(new to old)

New words #1


These words are from reading Convenienve Store Woman:

  • Chime: badalar
  • ceaselessly: insessavelmente
  • ingrained: enraizado
  • Cog: engrenagem
  • Sundries: artigos diversos
  • Briskly: rapidamente
  • Lull: calmaria
  • Twinge: pontada
  • Tutted: resmungou

Afraid of sounding rude


Because I don't feel the language, sometimes I sound rude in english. In my head I'm joking or being ironic, but in reality I'm just rude without noticing. This is why I'm insecure while writing or speaking in english. When I say "sorry for my english" is not that I said something wrong, but something rude or completly out of place. I'm autistic, so this is commun in portuguese too 🤡

Starting a journal about learning english


I was thinking that I could start from the beggining or do some panorama of the education o Brazil, but then I got lazy. The thing is that I study english since elementary school, but I'm more confident with my listening or reading, then my writing or speaking. First, I don't have ANY situation on my daily basis where I need to speak or write in english, so there's no use for it in my life, basically. I know we are on internet and nobody care about grammar and stuff, but I'm to self conscious of it to not care and I make a LOT of mistakes that compromises understanding of the text. So here I am putting myself in unnecessary situations in the name of learning. Maybe ii's because I'm autistic, but I like to learn a lot and everything is an excuse to learn more and more about it. For now, english will be one of my especial intrests.