The 0bserver stands for myself as someone who started on neocities just watching others and now are trying to get envolved as well




It's been a while... and I figure that I need to change the index code here. Now I know how to do it, but don't know when or what... I want to learn how to edit those images in low quality style, don't know how to call it. [Like this] . I like this. I'm also thinking on doing some shrine for Onlyoneof and their recent comebacks, cuz I need to exalt those gays and I hate what dumb people talk about then like they know shit. I shouldn't be mad about it, cuz it's no worth it, but I can't. I alreary have a blog that I put all my effort, but I feel like blogspot will not bear the codes and images... But I'm more confortable there... Don't know what to do, let's see.


I was wondering a lot of things these days: 1) if people using neocities as twitter is because we are all used to this type of relation with all kind of social media, cuz we don't remember or never had contact with other type of interaction on internet. And nowdays all the socials are so similar that is becoming more difficult to distinguish what the purpose of using it. And this is not even a bad thing, about neocities itself, it's just a realization? idk 2) i've been wondering if i should put my draws here cuz i don't know where else i should save them. And I was thinking on doing a fanart of Yuuko and Watanuki from xxxHolic in Coraline's theme (it has the same imagery, like the thing with eyes and mother figure). I know i'll procrastinate to do this, so i'll live the note here as something that i thought oneday. 3) i forgot what was the other thing... meh. Uh I wanted to see how other people code, i think they separate the css from html files, while i put them all together cuz that's how i've been doing. I don't even learn anything, just figured it out myself and now i'm living just assuming things. I should study, that's it.


Don't know if I'll use this as an official button of the site, but let it be. Thanks to Sad Girl button maker


I'll take this place as an english challeng for myself. Help me god! Actually I was just contemplating how people here on neocities normally are so proactive, and feace with what they don't like, and passionate with what they like. I like this spirit, inspires me, that's why i'm here, not trying my best, but still trying.

I've a big fixation on eyes. These days I was watching Adam by Eve on Netflix, and there was a character with only one eye and a lot of random eyes throughout the film, maybe that got me inspired to do this site with this theme in mind.

the begining

This is the base format. Thank god Repth for the codes.