this page is fot keeping track of boys love stories I read in mangas, manhwas and manhuas. Here I keep some texts about this topic and reviews of some stories I feel the need to. See Myanimelist
Disclaimer about me and BLs

I love recomendations.

I read BLs to kill time and heal from life problems, cuz I feel that these stories entertain me and is the closer I'll get to a romance. The problems in the stories are convencing, the quirkiness are funny, the romance are problematic and then super cute and meaningfull. So, I'm always reading bl mangas and some manhwas.

I have a opinion about manhwas, isn't bad or good, it's just an opinion from my experience. I prefer mangas bl (japanese bl) than manhwas bl (korean bl) (this stands for bl dramas too). I feel that the japanese stories have better developments and are shorter, without being rushed. They are on point or too short, but not endless without a meaning, like I feel most of the manhwas are. And the character design on mangas are better and more diverse, than manhwas (at least the ones I read so far). That is, from what I experienced it's least commum for me to be disappointed with a manga than a manhwa. That's it. In other hand, manhuas bl (chinese stories) are the best of both worlds. Gorgeous visuals and endless intricate storeis.

I have two types of bl preferences: a) the ones with a dubious conduct, nimphomaniac bottom, maried top, nakaruma asumiko's and harada's mangas type, with sex scenes with a lot of trauma and comedy and pain; or b) the cute, sweet, soft, without sex stories, even without kiss, for my little ace ass.

Type of stories I like or troupes I like:

My favorite bl should be J no Subete from Asumiko Nakamrua and the worst i read would be Copernicus no Kokyuu from the same author. Not because it's a bad storie, but It made me wordless, I was so sad and miserable with the ending that, just from remembering, I feel it all again. I like sad stories and Nakamura's stories as well, but this one got me.

I didn't want to put on worst spot some manga I didn't like or that was a bad storie, but one that I felt the worst myself. The bad stories I just ignore and move on.

Manhwas I like
Mangas I like
Manhuas I like

All the reviews may contain spoilers

Oni no Tengoku, by Naomi Aga and Kyouko Oyoshikawa

Not me linking this manga because it reminded of Hannibal-Will dinamics. Tengoku dislocating Aoki's shoulder so he could get his attention and take him to the infirmary where things happen k. It's very much something Hannibal would do. Review soon!

All of You ( 刻在眉眼间), by Liang Azha

Isn't the best manhua that I read, but it's really cute. I think the ending was a little rushed. I didn't mind the slow burn development of their relationship, but the end was a little out of nowhere, or to simple. As I said, is a slow burn story without smut, so overall it's really cute and funny, and the art it's a verry beautiful watercolor.